STACOS is a part of Skorydov Systems Pvt. Ltd.(SSPL)
SSPL is working as a Government authorized intermediary for the past many years with success. Interestingly, it is India’s first and only company to provide end to end [eTDS–Digital Form16–tax filing] solution to Companies and its employees. Skorydov is helping Indian citizens in the field of Tax & Compliances since 1998 and is soon coming up with more promising solutions.


STACOS is a project built on the idea to make the ever increasing office solutions headache, a thing of the past. You should find this website very easy and intuitive to use. Last but not the least use this portal to save paper / trees.

Skorydov - STACOS

Skorydov offers Tax and Compliance Office Solutions (STACOS) for Individuals, Families, Corporate and Professionals. Reliable, secure web-based apps & tools for you STACOS offers simple, powerful tax and compliance apps for individuals, families and businesses that increase productivity while reducing your overall costs - all hosted by Skorydov on secure, reliable infrastructure for a very affordable price. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Productivity apps built to deliver results and improve efficiency STACOS Apps allows you, your associates and employees to effectively work together in real-time on a shared platform - from anywhere -anytime. This enables collaboration, making your work related to tax, compliance and legal more productive and helps to increase efficiency.

With STACOS Apps you can:

  • Access apps, data, content anywhere, anytime - laptop, desktop, home, work, mobile etc.
  • Work together on apps in real-time without the hassle of multiple versions or attachments or being bothered of duplicate copies of database, information and content.
  • Easily ramp up apps usage on multiple machines without the need for IT support, improving information sharing within your environment.
  • Have complete control - each piece of content can be as private or public as necessary with access level controls.


Our servers are hosted in facilities that are protected around the clock having a dedicated security operations team who focuses specifically on maintaining the security of our environment. The controls, processes and policies that protect these data have successfully completed security audits.


STACOS Apps comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA that includes no planned downtime, so your employees are more productive and so you can worry less about system downtime. Our disaster recovery management ensures that the data is secure and available always. Automatic disaster recovery means you can be assured your data is accessible when you need it.

Low total cost of ownership

Because STACOS Apps is provided entirely over the internet, the total cost of ownership is dramatically lower. STACOS Apps do not require client software to be installed on end user machines, greatly reducing costs and simplifying management and updates. Moreover, you do not need powerful computers - all you need is a browser.

  • Last updated : 25/07/2013