Outsourcing is a specialized service provided by an expert in that field. Outsourcing is a wise and profitable option for those who would like to concentrate on core processes and leave the other works to trustworthy service provider who is specialized in that field.

With the advent of e-governance, the tax and compliance domain in India is becoming increasingly complicated and demands accurate compliance. Inaccurate compliance is now easily traceable and attracts penalty. Many companies have benefited with our outsourcing solution. We are presenting some Case Studies and Scenario, which will help you to decide: Why Outsource? Call us and we will explain.

Skorydov is a common name in Tax and Compliance Solution amongst Government Departments, Tax Professionals and the Corporate world. It is India's largest  tax and compliance solution provider. We provide IT service and solutions in the field of Tax, Finance and Compliance. Skorydov has played an important role in e-governance initiatives such as e-TDS, Annual Information Return (AIR), Banking Cash Transaction Tax (BCTT), 26QAA, e-Return of Income-tax, XBRL by bringing technology solution to the masses.

Our expertise for the past 15 years helps us in delivering seamless, accurate, consistent service of high standard in a cost effective manner to our clients, ensuring the best practices.

  • Correctness of work: Our experts take care regarding the correctness of data. We help our clients ensure that the data meets the legal and technical requirements.
  • Commitment to deadline: Our processes ensure that the returns and other compliance deadline are never missed.
  • Data Confidentiality: Our processes use the state of the art technology like PKI encryption( legally valid encryption) which ensures that your data is not compromised at any level.
  • Completeness of work: Our skilled manpower and well defined process ensures that the completed work meets the quality criteria and nothing is missed in the entire process.

Case Study I -[Mere Acknowledgment by the TIN-FC does not amount to successful filing of e-TDS returns]

Problem: We surveyed over 25 small and large corporate to check whether their e-TDS returns were uploaded successfully on the TRACES website. We found that almost 75% of their Correction returns were rejected by TRACES. These companies were not even aware that their returns were rejected. The company requested us to provide solution to correct all the rejected returns.
Solution: We provide them with a solution that made it mandatory for them to update the return status from TRACES. We also helped them file correction e-TDS return. After studying their earlier e-TDS return and acknowledgement status on TRACES website our experts provided them with solution and corrected their e-TDS return within a week.

Case Study II - [ Frequent changes in TDS records and shifting of staff handling e-TDS returns]

            Problem: Many of our existing clients had the underlying 2 problem:

             1. The staff that was trained to handle e-TDS were shifting frequently.
             2. The number of changes requested by the vendors for TDS correction was difficult to handle. It usually amounted to incorrect return being filed.

Solution: We provided them with our outsourcing solution that was cost effective. We provided them with a bridge module and filled their correction return as and when required. We ensured that all the corrections reqested by the deductee was accurately filed with the TRACES and the Deductees got their due credit.

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