Issuance of Form16 with physical (ink) signatures is very time consuming for Organizations that have large number of employees. To overcome this problem, the Income-tax Department by its Circular No. 2/2007 has allowed the Employers to use Digital Signature to sign Form16. Skorydov is India's first and only company to provide end to end [eTDS - Digital Form16 - tax filing solution] to Companies and its employees. The software is built as per the latest amendments done by the Income-tax Department of India and is trusted by over 2000 companies.

Here is a brief explanation on what you can do with our form-16 software(s). The software is absolutely FREE to use.

1) Smart Form16 2023-24 [Excel to PDF] 
  • Generate own Part-B,12BA and Salary Annexure and Merge with TRACES Part-A. 
  • Merge TRACES Part-A and Part-B along 12BA and Salary Annexure.
  • Row-wise entry for multiple employees.
  • Digitally sign the final PDF.
  • Protect Form 16 with the password.

You can also use this utility to merge TRACES Part-A with TRACES Part-B and digitally sign it.

Smart Form-16 Software

  • MS Excel based software.
  • Row-wise entry for multiple employees.
  • One click bulk generation of Form16.
  • Option to merge TRACES Part A  and Part-B along with 12BA & Salary Annexure.
  • Option to Digitally sign the Form 16s.
  • Generate Form 12BA / Annexure to Form 16.
  • Option to generate the Form 16 for a specific employee.
  • Option to include salary / TDS from the previous employer.
  • Certificate is available in non-tamperable PDF Format.
  • Facility for the printing of form 16 for FFS (Full & Final Settlement) employees.
  • Automatic Signing of Form 16 by a single click.
  • Option to include the scanned signature of the authorized signatory.
  • Option to include the company logo.
  • Option to include company stamp.
  • Link for employees to file their Income-tax return online.
  • Inbuilt demo video makes understand the working of software easy.

  • Reduce Manpower cost, as it does not require manual interface, can be operated by a single user.
  • Reduce Paper cost / Courier cost & Inventory.
  • Reduce the pressure of physically signing the form.
  • Helps employees to file their Income-tax return online.
  • Environment friendly.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows Excel 2003 or above
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 or above
  • Adobe Reader 9.0 or above


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