Skorydov Excel e-TDS is a software to make TDS returns accurate and error free. It is Excel based very easy to use. It highlights error at validation process which help employers to correct errors before filing to avoid notices from the Department. Copy past option help employer to consolidated its data of different branches to file its return on time.

Regular Return

  • Download Excel e-TDS.
  • Open the software for F.Y and Form type required.
  • Enter the data or Copy past the data through other excel file as per the heads.
  • Do mapping by doing right-click.
  • Do verification to detect errors.
  • Do export to generate .txt format.
  • Validate text file through NSDL FVU 8.9
  • Submit FVU file and Signed 27A to NSDL-TIN Centers and get acknowledgement number.

Excel e-TDS [Simple software for Regular return]
  • Generate Regular returns only for all Forms and Quarters from F.Y 2007-08 onward.
  • Generates returns very quickly.
  • Simple to use as excel.
  • Highlights error at validation process.
Download for FREE : Excel e-TDS [Ver: 8.9]  

  • Generate Regular returns for all four Quarter of form 24, 26, 27, 27E.
  • Highlight errors at validation process.
  • Make TDS returns accurate, error free and Fast.
  • Compatible from F.Y. 2007-08 onwards.
  • Capable of creating nil return.
  • Generate Form 27A for regular return automatically.
  • The entire software process is understandable & hassle free.
  • Flexibility provided by the software to take the backup at the desired location.
  • Generate returns for Unlimited Companies.

  • Reduce Manpower cost, as it does not require manual interface, can be operated by a single user.
  • Reduce Paper cost / Courier cost & Inventory.
  • Reduce the pressure of physical signing of form.
  • Auto compute correct TDS/TCS amount.
  • Reduced redundancy of data.
  • Environment friendly.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows Excel 2003 or above
  • Microsoft office 2000 and above.
  • Java 7.0 or above
  • Adobe Reader 9.0 or above

Excel e-TDS
  • Excel Version [Single Year, Regular, Unlimited Companies, Upto Excel supports]


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