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Skorydov Smart Reco (Enterprise Edition)
A simple but powerful offline reconciliation tool that can work with any 2 data sets immaterial of the column placements and data format.

The Problem
Present available solutions are not process-based and require specific data formats for each type of reconciliation.
  • Excel functions: e.g. vlookup etc. are manual, non-process based approach prone to errors. 
  • Online websites: require you to upload and download large data which has serious privacy / risk issues 
  • Fixed formats and column sequence which may not always be available.
The Solution
Three powerful matching types. Skorydov Smart Reco allows you to choose from 3 match types on column pairs.
● Fuzzy: Match approximate matching string. e.g. Match two Invoices which is almost the same (could be a data entry error or otherwise INV-145/2018 and IVN-145/2018)
● Range: Match two columns on a range. e.g. Match two amounts in a range of ±10 or a Date in range of ±7.
● Exact: Match two columns on exact match. e.g. 2 GSTINs in two sheets should be exact.

Smart Reco can help you perform reconciliation between any 2 data sets
➔ GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A
➔ GSTR 2A and Purchase Register
➔ Sales Register and TDS Receivables Register
➔ Debtor's Register and Customer's Register
➔ Any other set.

  • Offline solution - Solves data security issues.
  • No specific format - Can work with any 2 data sets thus saving time and increasing accuracy.
  • Custom map - Allows you to define reconciliation logic
  • Fuzzy search - Allows near matching queries to help accurate reconciliation.
  • Save Time - Fast searching saves you 80% valuable time.
  • Accuracy - 98% Accuracy.
  • Data Security - 100% Data Security.